ESG Manager

Legal & ESG · UK/Portugal/Spain, Edinburgh, City of
Department Legal & ESG
Employment Type Permanent
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor

Main Function & Scope

Our ESG Manager will manage our Environmental, Social and Governance risk, opportunity, and impact. Starting from our current position of strength, our ESG Manager must ensure strong delivery in 2022 and that Ventient build the next generation of ESG performance, policies and systems, embedding these into the company, ensuring they are well understood and naturally holistic to our business, evolving with us as we continue to grow.


The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate success, not only in delivering technical and non-technical metrics, but, beyond scorecards and 3rd party assessments, in ensuring internally and externally (working with our Marketing & Communications (“M&C”) team) that the meaning, effectiveness and importance of our ESG journey are genuinely embedded and subject to well evolved feedback loops.


ESG is a highly evolving area, and Ventient is absolutely committed to maintaining genuine sector leadership. It is central to our business integrity. Our ESG manager must ensure that this is at the core of their mission. The theme of next generation ESG will therefore be an important part of our consideration of a candidate, together with the ability to deliver on our current and near team ESG strategy, policies, and actions.

Key Responsibilities


  • Negotiating, managing, and reviewing the ESG budget.
  • Negotiating, managing, and reviewing the fees for ESG related software systems and support providers.


  • Further refinement and then ongoing monitoring of Ventient’s ESG policy and standards.
  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of an ESG Management System to ensure compliance with our ESG Policy and Carbon Reduction Target across the sites, projects and departments.
  • Development, coordination, and management of our ESG targets and objectives, leading and lagging performance indicators and internal reporting.
  • The analysis and auditing of Ventient’s sustainability performance.
  • Management and maintaining Ventient’s sustainability certification, reporting and standards.
  • Provision of guidance and support on compliance with counterparty environmental and social requirements for projects.
  • Provision of ESG oversight for EIAs, ESIAs and environmental and social management plans.
  • Provision of ESG support to asset / project managers and / or direct liaison with contractors on ESG issues.
  • Provision of oversight and guidance for ESG incident management.
  • Participation in project meetings as required.
  • Development of clear metrics and scorecards for accountability.
  • Collaboration with different functions on projects (including Growth, Operations, Risk and M&C)
  • Reporting to the CEO for overall performance accountability of ESG and onward to Board, with CEO and Head of Legal &ESG.
  • Leading and managing the Ventient ESG committee and our GRESB submission.


  • Oversee ESG+ activities on a quarterly basis.
  • Screening projects and operations for ESG risks and opportunities; providing assurance of risk and impact management.
  • Provision of ESG guidance and support to senior management, including the development of ESG strategic objectives and their integration into the wider business.
  • Achievement of assigned individual goals in a timely manner.
  • Assist the Ventient Legal team to provide support to accomplish overall annual team goals.

Competencies & Behaviours


1. Leading Technical Skills

  • Understanding of the current GRESB system, its key drivers and evaluation, and future thinking on its evolution.
  • Ability to clearly communicate the links between GRESB and our internal ESG structure in a way that (i) gaps and needs can be identified and (ii) M&C, working with ESG, can convey to our teams.
  • Experience of delivering ESG management successfully across a range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Clear sighted future ESG-evolution thinking and conversion to clear ESG policy development.
  • Understanding of sustainability concepts and trends, including ESG issues, GRI indicators, materiality, circularity and how they link to business value and future phases of Ventient ESG.
  • Understanding of CSR, community engagement and social investment.
  • Clear accountability (self, team, stakeholder) standards and skills, coupled with clarity in metric development and execution for alignment of stakeholders (including Board) with our ESG journey.
  • Multi-country application of ESG abilities.
  • Holding third parties to levels of ESG delivery consistent with Ventient policies and needs.

2. Management / Leadership

  • Able to work well with diverse and sizeable third parties who have a direct or indirect impact on Ventient’s ability to deliver on its ESG requirements.
  • Able to lead by example, with a strong sense of integrity and business ethics.
  • An action-oriented self-starter and initiative-taker.
  • Developing others and managing effective teams.
  • Willingness and ability to work very closely with M&C.
  • Strong and clear communicator with the Ventient ExCo and Board.

3. Commercial

Well-rounded commercial and economic awareness.

4. Strategic

Excellent business judgement and strategic thinking.

Skills & Knowledge


  • Ability to succinctly communicate concepts and information to non-specialists, including internal training.
  • Demonstrable initiative, interpersonal skills, effective communication, and decision-making ability
  • Self-starter with an attention to detail
  • Work autonomously
  • Ability to speak, read, write, and understand English (fluency / proficiency in Spanish French, Portuguese and / or German a plus).
  • Strategic mindset alongside tactical, for the journey ahead.

Relevant Experience

  • Experience of audit and / or assurance processes, including supply chain due diligence.
  • Experience of management systems (preferably including environmental, health and safety and social management systems and standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001), in order to work with Ventient Quality Team on ESG implementation and development
  • Experience of risk management and of health and safety, environmental and social risks and impacts of the energy industry, in order to work with Ventient HSE team on ESG implementation and development.

Education & Qualifications

Degree level qualification and significant post-graduate industry experience.

Software Programmes

Computer literate with high competence in Excel and PowerPoint or equivalents and strong organisational and analytical skills.

Travel Requirements 

Infrequent European Travel

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    Legal & ESG
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